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Anneliese Tschannen of WindRiver Rottweilers has two Aspengold offspring:  Ripley from our B litter and Magic from our D litter. She recently acquired Nova (Marlo's Casanova Vittorio) and I have adopted him as my grand-dog, just as Ripley and Magic are my grand-dogs!



From WindRiver Rottweilers:

        I could not have asked for a better mentor and friend than Laura Tankersley of Aspengold Rottweilers.  She is consistently there for me and for my dogs, standing in as a handler when I need, providing advice and caring for the dogs when I need to board them. Ripley, Magic and Nova have the best "grandma" ever!  We have been truly blessed by her presence in our lives.

                                                                    Anneliese, Ripley, Magic & Nova



Nova helping Laura and Dan setting up at a table at Anneliese's house.