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Here are some interesting links to sites that I enjoy . . . please take a few minutes to visit them!



C-Kel Rottweilers - Ohio

Der Hagen Rottweilers - Michigan

Liebenhaus Rottweilers & Pugs- Alaska

Mystic Rottweilers - Tennessee

Stoneridge Rottweilers - Alaska

Wilhaven Shiba Inus- Alaska

WindRiver Rottweilers - Alaska


Dog Clubs:                         

Rottweiler Club of Alaska, Inc.      

Alaska Dog Sports 

Alaska Kennel Club                           

American Rottweiler Club                    

American Kennel Club


Rottweiler Informational Sites:          

The Rottweiler Magazine      

The Rottweiler Chronicle                    

 The Rottweiler Quarterly                    


Health Related Sites:

Alaska Equine and Small Animal Hospital

Orthopedic Foundation for   Animals

Rottweiler Health Foundation       

Canine Eye Registry Foundation


Dog Food Sites:

The Honest Kitchen

Stoneridge Kennels & Columbia River